The Benefits of a Distributed Call Center (DCC) For Multi-Location Health Practices




Right Care Health Services, an expanding multi-location practice has made attempts to find a cost-effective way to address their high call volume at their busy locations. This issue is more intensified during the busy hours and lunch breaks.  Many of the calls go unanswered and ends up in voice mail.  Practice Manager, Jesse suggested hiring another receptionist; however, due to the budgetary constraint that was not an attainable solution.

This scenario is common amongst many healthcare providers. Clinics with a high call volume suffer, adversely affecting the loss of revenue and a decrease in patient retention.

After evaluating Right care’s staff scheduling and workflow, BBO’s engineers were able to design a tailored call flow utilizing our Open Cloud – Distributed Call Center (DCC). The idea behind a DCC is to design a system that takes various factors and conditions into consideration.

The call flow design allows Right Care to distribute the calls throughout Right care branches or their various departments. This would increase the practice’s answered call rate exponentially and ensure consistent human presence on all calls.


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